Little big lies

Frequency fighting the final curtain
Love is futile did we care enough lover
Brilliant on the brinks of a little lie

Carry the model
Become the muse
You are all our white lies

Surrender to your nature
You are just as you are
And the sky is falling

Our perfect world
Is built on a little lie
Our love is something
curtains could hide



Lover’s quest

Do you believe in a life after love
Do you believe life can be anything but love
Do you think one day you’ll be bound by it

We are the bounds of love
We are the image of fate at work
We speak the language of lifetimes in one day

Can we measure it
Put our arms around it
Can it change shape and form

Is the expanse of love complete with the revolution of earth
Or the orbit of the earth around the sun

Do you believe in life after love
Do you believe nothing will change after us


The good thing

Reality is relative it’s built on memory
Memory is an unreliable narrative
Narrative is obscured by the human experience

When you love someone there is the case in question
Do you need them do they complete the narrative
Or are they just another articulation of the human experience

We do and say things when we are lonely
We change the narrative and our memories become a blank canvas for relative realities

Do we truly love or do we feel the need to need someone?
Even if we risk the cost of losing the one we love for the chase of the human experience

But like I said memory is unreliable
The worst becomes the best moments of our lives when we encounter the world of loneliness

And so I loved to love the thoughts of you
When I missed you when you were gone
However I am more consoled by your absence
Then I will ever be by your presence


The fish tank

Ever think different was an old dialect of authentic
Maybe the sky represents all our shades through the day
Then there’s the wonder of invisible lines becoming cardinal points and mythology
The stories of people developing as fast as galaxies in the universe
There’s art and science in which births the philosophies of our uncharted world
But we tell each other simple stories of the universe like luck , chance or fate
Some realities are beyond our comprehension others belong to the mundane
This leaves the mind to imagine the world not yet existing yet becoming in a single individual
Our worlds are fish tanks that get bigger and bigger and we fish are the lucky ones
Swimming and pressing on through the current yet never truly making it past the boundary


The one

You build me up to tear me down
You pick me up to let me fall
Do you feel it are you feeling it too
Between you and I is a danger of two worlds

Can we ever be put together without breaking apart
Is this the electricity making it’s shock waves
Is there no other place but in each other’s arms

I can feel the love timber down
It’s the feeling like no one is around
Spinning out of control
Waiting for the space between life and home

You focus on being the one and only
But you ended up the one of many
One of many reasons to change

I found I was a fool love’s fool
Yet again I loved love more than myself
Yet again I am with you and still alone


The dance

Let’s dance together for the last time
Swing and sway the night away
Until we’re heaving and giggling

Turn into me and I’ll look into your eyes
I’ll peer into them like a spark in the moonlight
Take each step as if crossing a river, a road
Drifting apart and together again

Waiting around the bend is a future that will never end
One step and another a whole world together
As if one step seamlessly stirred the course of our lives


The Poet

You’re a glass of sweet sweet lemonade
And I only drink till the half-way mark
Then I let my overflowing intuition start

It’s a bitter role for the sweet kids
It’s honeydew for a new adult
The sparks fly quicker as ice makes it weaker

And I prefer a bit more passion in the dark
But you’re a breath of fresh air
When you stand in the summer lips so fair

And they say who you are is all I’ve ever wanted
When they play in backseats till they get confronted

You look like a poet just without all the suffering
And your words are poetry with every line
I see magic in your eyes a faint glimmer of surprise
Let’s dance in the dark and claim the light


What meets the eye

Your face is heaven in the sea of people
You are what the sun is to the moon
You’re a dream in the flesh
Destiny in the making
The few breaths between now and forever


Blue Note

Take a step closer and make it harder to leave
Hold me in your arms so I can break away
Tell me everything is going to be okay

Remind me that I’m the lover you don’t forget
Pray that we go to sleep in the same bed again
Dangerous puzzle in my mind to put together

Carry me away from the scene of a lover’s crash
Keep chasing after the echo of what use to be
Dream of a world where I didn’t walk out the door

Out I’m trying to leave get out I’m running away
There is no song no sound or reminiscence
As you clasp me in your arms and ask me:
Can we still be close…can we be friends ?

I don’t need your empathy I need a moment
I don’t want your arms around me anymore
I want to hurt you as gently and softly as you break me

Drowning Lilies

I left a note at your door step
Where I believe love and fate go to die
You left a bouquet of lilies at my doorstep
And the rain washed them away

But won’t you always be my best friend ,lover
Ignore the looks of other men and the disapproval of my father

Won’t you hold my hand as we cross that bridge
So the best years of our lives can begin separately

The last call that I received from you
The one where you said “My love will never change for you.”

Sent me running through the crowds to find you only to let love fall and die when I saw her in your arms

So I was left to face the rain alone this time
My heart like the lilies washed away a hearth in its place destined never to breathe fire again