A single tear escapes her eyes

It’s everything she ever wanted

Not a single detail out of place

Her world was ending and it was


But it was ending from the first

Gaze she knew that a space was empty

Could she fill it with the waves of piano

Each key telling the tale of who she’d lost

To wander the path of what she’d gained

Tears spill into her paradise

All of who she was served up on a platter

She still talks about you like a work of art

She never meant to break your heart

Then there you were everything she ever

Thought was perfect but with her lover at Her side and her children waiting at home

She could have everything she ever wanted

But she could never have you


Sensitive Soul

One day you will call me mother

And the milk from my breasts will feed you

One day you will love another

And you’ll take my heart with you

One day I’ll call you son

And you will never know the pain of birth

One day I’ll shelter you but you will protect me

One day I’ll sit and cry as you claim

I hate you I hate the man I’ve become

Because of me because of you

One day I’ll comb your hair and tell you

Yes all your dreams will come true

That the night will never come

And that you don’t need to fear the stars

That sing and bow to you openly

And these days will add to themselves

And your story and mine will intertwine

One day you will call me mother


Written in the stars

I adore the gardens of melody

I crave for the hedonistic song

The sting of honey bees

Summer in the deserted arenas

Careful not to lose my monogamy

Clinging to well wishes

I hate the slivers of spring

I catch myself dreaming

With my hands in the sky

Freeing my burdens into humidity

I spell a song out for myself in the sand

Baby Cupid that hangs on my rearview mirror

Can I tell you all of my secrets

Hold them like destiny like the stars in the night

Every hope I have lays in the hands of the Lady of the Lake

I wonder the wistful night for magic or sanity

I cry out loudly for empathy my dearest

I howl to the moon to change my mood

I blow a kiss to my sword of Damocles

And I ride the night like I ride the sun

From dusk till dawn I carry on

Be my silver lining written in the stars

Star-crossed lover I’ll be yours you be mine


Deep Diver

You’ll find hope in the familiar things

All those stars that collide like rings

The mastery of being told to wait

Knowing life like a plan is the beauty of fate

Diamonds are your eyes

And money fall in place of your teeth

I’ve never seen someone so hungry

You’ve never said a kind word in your life

But you’re the kindest soul in this city

Do you have faith or is it all mad living

Always hopeful too deeply forgiven

A sky full of songs could never replace

I’m hooked on prayers and I’m praying for words

Words to guide me through the night

And seasonless I fall into the hoard of sirens

I’m still standing when I should be sitting

I’m still flying where all the birds go to die

And I know I’m still searching

Lend me your fire

I need to feel alive

I grieve and I hurt and the saints cry fire

All my soul cries grace grace grace

And my arms flail beside me as I sing

Sing the hymns my mother taught me

About life and crying since birth

All my soul cries grace grace grace


Nina cried power

Power to the night the skin of my skin
Power to the waves that endlessly drown
Power to the feeling of freedom

Lovely is the sun when dawn breaks
Lovely are the thoughts of breathing
Lovely is the breaking of a soul

Keep on trying keep on crying
Keep on trying keep on crying
Least we crash least we fall

Remember the beautiful
Standing at deaths door
With a gun in her grip

Remember the grass after rain
The floor emitting pain
Not everyone loses
But it feels like heaven to win


I felt myself tremble when my heart started to speak

And little by little I knew something had changed

In the summer of 1903 the bold looks and racy smiles

I knew my lover when all the planets aligned

Sweet Major and minor divine where kisses

Taste of decadent cherry wine

And while the seasons continually change

I find my lover still stayed the same

We come together like honeybees

Living branches and cedar trees

And when sacred night harvests our flame bright

We harbour words that send our hearts a flight

Evergreen gardens where our fountain of love flows

Like waterfalls and the endless mastery of brilliant rainbows

The things I thought I use to know fall and fail they all let me go

The signs and song and words of the wise sound so bitter they cut as deep as knives

That love is so unattended day to day

The growing bud must be mended

I find love so sincerely refined

And with this statement I’ve lost clarity of the mind



I feel like I’m holding on too tight
But every bone in my body
Is screaming at me push against the current
I’m fighting a war that doesn’t end
I’m crying human the unraveling begins
I’m crying human I’ll never understand such things

Helpless breaths push me forward
Tears of agony root themselves deeply
I crave the peace of the old raging in my soul
I crave the story I began at young
The wrath of time set hurdles before me
I’m screeching human seeking humanity

I crave healing I search for healing
I hold on to the plentiful ideals
Knowing I am not I have passed I have fallen
I grasp at the stolen moments of normalcy
The explosion worse than the collision
The hope defining the tragedy

Is the future a cloud away
And my present set in the soil
The past waves of treacherous seas
A new arena daily and agony greets me

I feel my grip loosen and breath return
I search for the shifting day promising dawn
Is this delusion or hope I press on
Is the given a guided territory
I rise with the sun and rest with the moon
I carry memories and dreams volatile
As sifted and shaken as the earth’s plates

Of the Universe

Intergalactic being
Who jumped into the Atlantic ring
Cover up the blooded stains
Celestial convergence born again
Of the seas when the waves break
Of the skies when clouds float away
Elixir of wonders I see you from the times
Wonder of wonders the meaning secular life
Sometimes as beautiful as the horizon
I want to be authentic, intentional
Free from the inscription of my memory
I want to cast the waves into the seas
Screaming and crying my song of sincerity
I love you so like the plants love the bees
I speak in harmony with you
I crawl out of my being I create I am free
I find myself moving in rhythmic ease with you
Canvas colliding with my shadow to create life
I treasure you like a piece of my own soul
You are the golden moon the brazen sun
Life I carry on living with breaths
No hollow no breaking but a birth divine
Born and unborn created yet existing

The wanting

All I really wanted was you

Your smile your skin on mine

Your frown your fingers so close to touch

I can feel you breathe and feel you bone for bone

Give me now before it’s too late

And our recording machine says our final goodbyes

All I really wanted was you

Tell me was it worth it

To wish and dream of you

While the world was watching us

Who was watching god

All I really wanted was you

When the records play too slow

And the starry night let’s you know

I’ve seen better days with my smiling

But cut the song and make a mess of me

Call love pain and I’ll be the mistress of misery

All I really wanted was you

Let me kiss you and crece your collar

Hold on to me lazily and I’ll sing about

My old life before you

And the memories I try to hide

All night all day I won’t let you slip away

You have a lot to say but you hate questions

And you love the sound of my mother laughter

All I really wanted was you

Tell me how due West always gets you silent

And my eastward sun lights up your smile

Carry on mariner before we run out of time

Because it can’t just be a dream by your side


Evergreen Eden

I’m a hundred years old when I breathe

I find comfort in the miniscule starlight calling me to rest

Evergreens, Oaks and Willows

I’m seven years old when I climb them all

A giant when I reach the top

Plane Jane and ordinary Jo

Tell me all the little things I need to know

Eden seemed like the perfect home

Cut down the trees and build a home

I’m seventeen and the world could never be louder

And the lonely screams silence

The ink on my skin

Is a mystery worth uncovering

Crash like the gypsies

Dance the endless rhythm of aging

Because I’m thirty and the world’s repeating

I’m just older to most with my flailing that use to

Mean jumping and my jumping that looks like

Flailing so the words are jumbled in a line of straight

The sheets are quiet

The sunsets are bleak

And we lay awake at night but don’t speak

I still find myself in your eyes

With every truth and the little lies