Dried flowers in the hot sun
Butterflies bending to the breeze
You’re always watching under a tree
Books of poetry that make up your anatomy

You’re skin is pavements and the world walks over you
Christening you the windows to the words of an angel
Arcadia of the saints willing to be martyrs
For love letters that are epiphany each time you speak

A canvas for the artist who controls you
A hole of earthly reproduction
But you’re not a ethereal being
You’re just a girl born sad and alive
You’re the binaries and boundaries of birth

Outer body experience

In the silence of art came poetry
I’m having an outer body experience
And you sound like all the money in the world
All in one place

Your hands move over mine like a shadow
Guiding me from East to West North to South
Chasing an image chasing that feeling
Lyrical sound natural song

Blue skies and banisters
High end streets blurry faces
Tracing down all the spaces is you
Walking into the living room

Lethal lover cool in the summer
You really make me wonder
Filtered our lives like the news

Wild flowers

You’re one of the gods
Wilder and wilder like the colour blue
At night you sing songs about love and loss
You own the melodies of the muses

You don’t know where you’re going
You don’t know where you’re from
Your Arcadia is the endless road

And so you rise like a phoenix from the fire
Your holy halo of hair blinding you from a world so wicked

Run be free get away from this town
Of little minds and little hearts
Feel the urge to be alive and then live for eternity

Take over like wild flowers
Take off like wild fire
You smell like all the good ideas we’re afraid of


lord of the sun

Garlands flutter on the heads of promising youth
Mood rings aglow with ire
As they corner the outsider
“Within without the Sun you are not the chosen one.”
Mangled limbs and clawing fingers
Rip at the outsider’s clothing leaving him bare
They slid a knife gently on his face
“Sun god here is our offering to you give us clear blue skies.”
Clumps of his golden locks lay in their hands
The outsider begged for his life
Saying he knew of heaven and stars and ancient texts
The youths lifted him up to the sun
From where he came
And did he fly ?
Did he return from where he came
Or did he fall
Icarus did the Apollo hear your plea

Functioning Body

The peace of a pessimist
Is self doubt negative talk
The void of unsaid words
Narrative of wanting more so much more
The mind wants to be god
The body remembers that we are animals
And so we are at war with flesh and blood and bone
Complacent seat in the middle of life’s tragedy
A cruel ring of fire around your head
Wistful for the sun after a millennium of darkness
Trapped in the dunes you were born in
Barely breathing it was an early grave
Soil must return to the earth
Can we go back in time
Reveal the ruse of the body
Created to reflect and disconnect
Formed with the dichotomy of living and dying

Hellish human being

Cast a shadow on my doubts leave me breathless hopeless wanting more waiting for you I know you know me more than I know myself
Cut away from all the others invite me to your side breakaway the soft and inches take me home tonight
I lying on your bed waiting for the rapture give me the wine and bread softly softly please I’m barely awake yet
If you’re Hades I must be Persephone
And these are the gates of hell
You cost me my use my youth
Promise you’ll take me away
Do you know just what to do
My eyes they burn for you


Forest Fire

I’m a forest fire
And like a moth you like to burn again
Be my Valentine
Tell me all your secrets from the box
Let me eat your heart out
Do I make you feel special
Keep calling calling so I know it’s you
You work too hard to be loved but I love you
You’re working working for the knife
You’ve been working working all your life
I’m missing a part of you where did you go
Do you always have to be so soft
You’re just like a sex god made of silver and gold
You’ll get eaten the way you continue to shine
You’re too good to burn away
You’re too good to eat
But baby I’m a forest fire
And you’re a fire lover

Lately I’m not myself

I can see your eyes dim when you look at me
There is nothing wrong with me
But you can’t shape the truth from a lie
Eye to eye held by the gaze of time

The face you make so far away
The only dream you take away
Shallow depth in your heart
The things you say before you come apart

Listen to the music fade it’s over all over again
Still trembling with guilt
Still looking away with shame
My heart deserved better

Shove the thoughts away
Clear the vision of your mess
Cut the cord on your concert of sorrow
I’m going to be my own special love

Cut the pretence
Stare at the mirror
An imperfect breathe
I only wanted to begin again

n. Stars

The stars swing
Yes they hurl themselves from the sky
The stars crash and burn up
The stars orbit as well
A continuous moving picture book
The stars are born
The stars can die
They can gather and turn into galaxies
Or form black holes sucking the life out of the universe
The stars are a map cardinal points
The stars are made to be studied
The stars have names
The stars can be bought
The sun is also a star
Not every star can be the sun
The stars are an after thought :
“He made the stars also.”
The stars are living
The stars can make music—avant garde mostly
The stars are an object

Old human

When you were young you swam in the lake
Your songs spilled from mixtapes
I wish I could have breathe you air experienced your life

You’d reason and question and rebel
You would do things but never tell
Collide and tangle yourself with the universe

Drifting deeper to your core self
Filled with signals and evolving co-ordinates
You aged with time loving you
You knew everything you wanted to

So I sit and watch your life
I give in and watch it twice
Old human you were so great
You created a world out of space