Like a dream in the night
Or building castles in the sky
So swiftly our hands touched
And you are perfectly enough

Late summer with the humming breeze
I watched the world stop I felt my hand freeze
All so empty and cold again
When you told me that art is made of longing

Your fingers burned over mine
Creating fireworks so bright
They caused me to smile in broad daylight
The crevices and lines of your palms

And meeting you was the happiest accident of my life
And we locked eyes for what seemed to be the beginning of our eternity
And one brush from the hands of fate
Turned us into something great



Can you fold the linen
Stop the moment of weakness
By covering the scene

Can you risk the tears the trails of hearts
How do you sleep at night
You made your bed sleep in it

Why are you fighting with your sheets
They should be to your comfort
Or has your conscience caught up with you

Once again can you fold the linen
Drape over all your deadly sins
How do you sleep at night


Unstoppable you

And I love the way you rise after you’ve fallen
The way you speak even when your voice trembles

I love the way you know how to cry out in weakness
How you’re not afraid to try again

I love the way you stand up for yourself
And persistently don’t take no for an answer

I love how every smile is sincere and honest
And how your laughter is a thunder louder than your anxieties

And I love how it can only be you
Unstoppable you


Diamond eyes

Carving out another piece of me
Like the phases of the moon
I’m a new age I’m a new era

And I’m yours fill up all my pages
With all your deepest thoughts
Right in between the chapters of your life

Whispers of all the universe is made of
Settling into your arms when I embrace you
You are infinite we are infinite surpassing time

Dreams of this that once we were children
And we long to be children again
And if not then we are to run far far away

And to me you’re not just currency
You’re a faithful love a pearl on the wonder
Just as you are in life even in death you’ll be

Love Letter

I’ve been feeling not myself
As I swing between intentions and affection
With the tension of silence and calling your name

I find myself bending drizzled like watermarks
A saturated illusion of obsession driven by madness in love

I can’t make you understand my affections I can’t make known what I wish I knew myself

I’m tethered to you yet an outlaw to your gaze
Because you kill your darlings by loving them just the same
You question every heartbeat as if all love is tame

I’ve become another screaming soul trapped in a dead body
When you are and yet your thoughts are not of me


The universe of you and I

There you are saving me again
With every word
With every look

There you are healing me
With every moment in time
Helping me cross every line

There you are
In the moments I fear
To hold me close to wipe every tear

It’s the wind or the air or the waves
It’s the moments you laughed like you were infinite
It’s in every love song I hear on the radio

And it’s funny it happens again and again
I find myself in the midst of you reaching out
The blessed moments of dejavu is how I find you

You’re lightning through the grey skies
You’re memory forever tattooed on my skin
Each line every wrinkle of time has your name

You push me through the swings of time
You lay with me in the darkest night
There you are to explain the expanse of the universe in parables I’d never known



You’re a gallery of paintings
In the city of my dreams
The sound of my favourite song
Just before I drive away
Seeing green lights down the highway

You’re the effervescent night
In the pinnacle of wedding lights
As my arms circle around you

You’re the drops of the golden sun
Raining on the one you love
That’s the miracle of us

In the world of Vincent Van Gogh
I’m the styles of Leonardo Da Vinci
You still look like art to me


The four seasons

Endless autumn
As wash the dishes
As you watch me with a hidden gaze

Cold winter
The wind blows the thoughts of my mind
When you say everything is fine

Sudden spring
Is this love when
You comb through my hair softly

Lover of the Summer
Child of the sun
You kiss me so softly you kindle a fire


How Far

Listen and slowly take it in
The birds the sounds of movement
You are alive you are living

You can feel the repetition of your breath
In and out in and out
Turn your face to the mirror and see
The world is bigger and smaller than me

You’re not drowning
You can breathe hold on to the wonder
Keep the envisaged future like a crystal ball

Swim until you find the legs to run
Run until you find the wings to fly
Fly until you reach the pinnacle of living

There is a song crafted just for your ears
There is art crafted just for your eyes
There are words spoken just for your soul



I’m transfixed
On the ideas you paint
A home out of an empty canvas
The dream of beginning again
There is hope again after the rain
There is light after darkness
I’m moved by your story
The tears and joyful laughter sincere
When will the tide turn
When will you become mute
A stranger I use to know
But in this fragmented universe
You are enough in this picture
You take up the room of my memory
Stay young forever but grow old with me
Sing the songs I’ll refuse to hear after
You are nowhere to be found or seen