The flash went off
And I remember the flowers you had in your hair
And when your breath caught
I disappeared into the crowd

I’ll meet you in therapy
Where we can talk about my body
And how tired I am of the living

Lost in the self criticism
Lost in the freedom
I grab and cling to everyone I know
Exhausted with trying to conquer feminine nature

In my mind you’re everything to me
Your approval your beauty
Did you ever look so polished
Femme florist I want to grow up like you

I see you behind the clothes and malfunctions
You’re fabricated fruition
You look at me like my mother did
Unconditional existence

Circus Olay me in the bathtub
And we can play with my sci-fi chip that makes me big and small and big and small
Elusive nature of a beautiful human

You can be open with me
Start talking about the absence of reality
Fluidity and transcendence being alive
Panicked heart and melodrama

Tell me if you don’t get out will you die
Closing In on you they’re closing in on you
Halos and angels and choirs and sharp pain

I’m hurting with a passionate anger
Sober soft tongued anomaly
Cutthroat empathy when I’m not with you

Clean covers clean hurts skeptical hearts
Journal me a story a tale of anguish
I resent the love that burns for you


You can be art sometimes

Life is art
Pictures are a moment
Dreaming yet again
Of all the things you’ve spoken

Radio silence
Cutting to the bone
When did we love each other

Can’t we wait until forever
Tattooed memories in the mind
Following the secret places in the shadows to find you
Dreaming of reality

Of all the the nights
Of all the places
How did you get so far

But images project and you look
Just like your father
Sometimes I want to write a book about you
Sometimes a picture is just enough



Do you feel alive
Hanging out of cars
The wind rippling through your clothes
Meet me at the diner
Where you’ve been seeing stars
Remembering the way our bodies fit together

When did you grow so tall
Meet me at the park
I wish I could remember when it got so dark
Cycling through suburbia swearing
We’ll make our mark falling too quickly

Heartstrings pulling beating through my chest
Pancakes at the diner
Recalling how you left
Six months later not a single call
Broken promises feel better when there here
Sitting at the diner listening to heaven call

Coffee feels like water
Rain is getting harder
Silence never felt so violent
Don’t you feel euphoria
Just like breathing in new air
Telling people love will never really end

We keep breaking and talking
And falling till finally it hurts
Lovers can’t believe in everything
And meaning comes in living
Searching for the answers
Chain reactions of infinite to start again

Philosophical breathing and a existential universe I wanted a revolution
I want you back I love this song
Come and dance with me
Tell me in fifty years will you still be with me

I hope you still hang out of cars
Wind bristling through your clothes
Never forgetting this moment
For however long we have
This poetry keeps us all alive



Dark spaces big voids
And you climb out of my dreams
Loud noises down to the bone
Fear or running away from home

Clairvoyant mystery
I still remember the walk home
Drifting in and out of a love story
You knew we’d be an eternity
As I spin around your living room

Soft spoken with big dreams
Cancel out my hypocrisy
Kissing until midnight falls
Nothing but you can break my walls


Growing pains

I want to love you
But we just get so tired of each other
We pass each other by in an eternal sleep state
Like disappearing rainbows our love is apathy

It’s the longest winter and you grit your teeth
Our outbursts are constant fires spontaneous scintillate
I wanted to hold you as you thrashed wildly
Fighting a fight you can’t win I don’t love you anymore

Faint hearts and beautiful minds
Fickle lovers are the greatest friends
I wish I knew that before I knocked on your door



When it rains
You’re not with me
It’s as if the sun belonged with you

The drizzle begins when you
Wake up and leave me
Carelessly I hoped you’d stay

There are no umbrellas for the heart
We end where we began
Waiting for the rain to stop

I keep the rhythm in my mind
The thunder breaks the chain
The song reminding me I’ll never see you again



All over the floor
Painted on the walls
I’m my eyes I see red

Is it love or…
Is it something much more heart wrenching
Is it pain but the fire scorching every thing in sight

Is it anger
Despicable white rage
Malicious and vindictive

This is the colour of you and I
The colour born to die
A missile in the dark

And we know neither of us see any different
Bulletproof vests of passion
As we walk into the red zone



Why do you reach to the sky
Because there is nothing else for me here
Because there are only dreams

I want to be golden
I want my life to change forever
I want the neons of the never ending climb

I want to reach out and grasp infinity
Because not everybody does
I’ll be the first one

It’s the continuous pounding in my heart
My first breath, my first real breath
I’d like to know how it feels


The cost of being innocent

Fractured eyes
You only see heavenly skies
Down on earth

Wistful stares
You’ve come so unprepared
The world is more

I wish you didn’t see with a kaleidoscope
I wish I never gave you dreams or any hopes
But now you’re the softest soul

Stuck in the decade not of your own choosing
You never knew what you had or what you were losing
You just played your part

You believe in golden thread
And to me you think you’re tethered
So the tears are no surprise

Waves of loneliness like the weather
Birds of a feather flock together
If nothing changed we’d stay the same



I crashed into the pinnacle of fear
And it was not the darkness but the light
Scorched by my ambitions

I’m longing for the sun
But as I fly closer I dehydrate
I become my own worst fear and dissipate
The luxury of the light the sun

The fire is a pharos
And I am the winged sacrifice burning
I am buried for humanity’s sake

I become the legend of ambition and inhibition
The myth of the boy who flies too close to the sun
Another tale of humans trying to play god
I like all who soar have fallen
Yet in my terrain a new path is formed
A new generation who wants to play gods and monsters exists