High tide

I hold on to the shore
But I can’t escape the eye of the storm
The waves keep crashing in
But I’ll stay in the currents
I’ll wait in the hurricane
At the peak of something I don’t know
Remembering all the mavericks
That break my shell like walls
Just to glimpse the naked eye
I’m nature by design
The undertones are the strangers in the crowd
But I know you like I know myself
In high tide when the ships are going down
I’ll stay above the waves
In the limbo of jaded infinity


In the wild

In the wild of my thoughts
The jungle of living
Persistent was the world
And breath by breath
I fall into the limbo
I swarm above the cities
Covering the fickle things
In the wild was all feeling
Covering both the giver and the given
And as my body emptied my soul
I’m older then the day before
And the chalice of time touched my lips
I hear humming of my childhood like bees
Flying and floating away
In the wild of my living
I lost my child brith thoughts


The Architect

Argo painted on the walls
Light years away
Orion on your face
Beautiful sounds of the young
And born in the midst is the sudden mind
Restless in pursuit
Order the skies galaxies in hoards
Flooding the sky
Earth born vessel carrying a miracle
Immaculate conception
Form again and turn the world
Into your eternal confection
Asterisks in the beginning
Bluejay in the winter snowflake in the desert
You’re the impossibility rarity of life
We’re searching for the writing on the wall
The mysterious message on caves and coves
Sweeten the still life blossoming in June
Until our world comes to ruins
Then call this world house or home


Dazed and confused

I’m feeling blue

Because all those beautiful words aren’t

For me they’re for you

I’m not your muse

And that leaves me dazed and confused

For a little while for hours

I’m the sandcastle you don’t believe in

And the waves hardly crush me down

But you tear me in two

If ever there was a time

I’m dazed ,dazed and confused

At the thought that I love you

All the blues meet the green

All the suns fall into ravines

And the night owl peers for more

As I knock on your door

Honey sweet honeydew

What I’d give to have you

You leave me dazed , dazed and confused

The night sky the misty moon

They were all parts of you and that made me blue

I’m not your muse

I’m just dazed, dazed and confused


People watcher

And your story I loved
How you both got up in the morning
Had your breakfast together
Love is still alive even after the weathering

I recount the number of times I watched
You fold your laundry
The amount of times you entertained guests
Just a yard away

I recall all the times you’ve cut the grass
All the times you watched television at night
I remember how intertwined you are to my story

To you both I am the woman who never closes her curtains who watches the sky desperately on New Years Eve

I’m the woman who dances in the night when she can’t sleep the one who never breaks
The magnifying glass between us

I’m the people watcher you call neighbour
The one who will never greet you
For fear it will ruin the magic of our wonderful game



Nervous hands at the wheel

You’re rushing to meet her

And the songs on the radio

Make you nervous again

You went to meet her again

On the islands in the night

Her mother was a quiet woman

And her father couldn’t stay out of fights

She always called you her muse

She fought like her father

Like she had nothing to lose

But she never fought with you

She never wanted too

One day she hoped to get closer

And she’d wait to see what you would do

But then she moved away

Started talking really funny

She said she wasn’t afraid to kill dreams

To fold her winning cards for money



A single tear escapes her eyes

It’s everything she ever wanted

Not a single detail out of place

Her world was ending and it was


But it was ending from the first

Gaze she knew that a space was empty

Could she fill it with the waves of piano

Each key telling the tale of who she’d lost

To wander the path of what she’d gained

Tears spill into her paradise

All of who she was served up on a platter

She still talks about you like a work of art

She never meant to break your heart

Then there you were everything she ever

Thought was perfect but with her lover at Her side and her children waiting at home

She could have everything she ever wanted

But she could never have you


Sensitive Soul

One day you will call me mother

And the milk from my breasts will feed you

One day you will love another

And you’ll take my heart with you

One day I’ll call you son

And you will never know the pain of birth

One day I’ll shelter you but you will protect me

One day I’ll sit and cry as you claim

I hate you I hate the man I’ve become

Because of me because of you

One day I’ll comb your hair and tell you

Yes all your dreams will come true

That the night will never come

And that you don’t need to fear the stars

That sing and bow to you openly

And these days will add to themselves

And your story and mine will intertwine

One day you will call me mother


Written in the stars

I adore the gardens of melody

I crave for the hedonistic song

The sting of honey bees

Summer in the deserted arenas

Careful not to lose my monogamy

Clinging to well wishes

I hate the slivers of spring

I catch myself dreaming

With my hands in the sky

Freeing my burdens into humidity

I spell a song out for myself in the sand

Baby Cupid that hangs on my rearview mirror

Can I tell you all of my secrets

Hold them like destiny like the stars in the night

Every hope I have lays in the hands of the Lady of the Lake

I wonder the wistful night for magic or sanity

I cry out loudly for empathy my dearest

I howl to the moon to change my mood

I blow a kiss to my sword of Damocles

And I ride the night like I ride the sun

From dusk till dawn I carry on

Be my silver lining written in the stars

Star-crossed lover I’ll be yours you be mine


Deep Diver

You’ll find hope in the familiar things

All those stars that collide like rings

The mastery of being told to wait

Knowing life like a plan is the beauty of fate

Diamonds are your eyes

And money fall in place of your teeth

I’ve never seen someone so hungry

You’ve never said a kind word in your life

But you’re the kindest soul in this city

Do you have faith or is it all mad living

Always hopeful too deeply forgiven

A sky full of songs could never replace

I’m hooked on prayers and I’m praying for words

Words to guide me through the night

And seasonless I fall into the hoard of sirens

I’m still standing when I should be sitting

I’m still flying where all the birds go to die

And I know I’m still searching

Lend me your fire

I need to feel alive

I grieve and I hurt and the saints cry fire

All my soul cries grace grace grace

And my arms flail beside me as I sing

Sing the hymns my mother taught me

About life and crying since birth

All my soul cries grace grace grace