Ocean waves

Sometimes I feel big and brave
Like the ocean waves
Crashing and flowing
Then I feel as small as a grain of sand
I’m worried about sons and daughters
The ones who have laid the earth since birth
They call me back every chance they have
Like the lake falls into the waters
We are our father’s daughters
Like the sun brings us to our knees
We watch the sons listen to our pleas
Sharing looks into our kaleidoscope future
And the magnifying glass of the present
Never doubting the telescope image of the past
Palm trees that’ll never fade away
I asked innocently for you to stay
I look to the future now I ride the waves


I saw you at the fish market
A real Mona Lisa
Are you the same after the divorce
I heard the scandals from night too
Will nature truly take it’s dated cause
You only swim upstream
Why do you look at the fish like that
Why do you look crossly at your plate
You don’t need to eat the whole of it
They say eat as much as you want to
And then the leftover is art
But with your ocean waves you try to hide your face not as tough as you paint yourself to be
You’re the walking portrait of what I thought
A marriage half-baked was suppose to see


I’ve barely surfaced
And the world is crazier than ever
Under the ocean waves is the key to serenity
My bathing suit is my silver armour
With my copy of War and Peace
I’m learning how to lose my humanity
So let’s just be silent listen to the waves
Close our eyes leave room for meditation
Fuelled by solar power and the salt in the air
Dreaming of the boats and the mariners
Fish in circles of their blue cabin dinners
Is it medium rare ? Like the rest of the sea

Solar Power

Have I made another mistake
I feel the blazing heat consume me
All my inspiration feels like melting snow
My future spills out of my pockets
I hold on to my childhood to gather myself
I let down the ones I love for fear of night
The bright stars always hidden by clouds
The morning sun was my assured solace
Sweet solstice and solar flares infinite
I’m the daughter of the sun
The first forgotten one

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