I lost it.
Careful I lost it .
To the silence:

But it wells up in me like a geyser
I am then I am not then I am again

It’s like the pictures I keep on the wall
Or the deer mounted in our living room
A deer mounted in our living room !

We’re just animals and we drive big fancy cars
It’s the hedonism
It’ll kill us all

But meet me at the diner
Remind me that our lives aren’t a sham here
Let’s talk taking the innocent victim home with us

A den of predators

But it’s a war
You know, what could I do ?
It’s a war and in war time
We well you know
It’s a war !

Me against your endless wanting wanting
What do I do
You just want everything

So lonely in this place
Where are our materialistic gods
Where are our parents
What happened to our children

Does anybody actually care
I mean it
Who actually cares?

But it must feel good in the moment
Yes it must feel like heaven
When I do my little dance

I’m your wife and that’s how you dismiss me
I’m your little love maker
I’m your last name that grew arms and legs