My car is full of memories
I wish it crashed
Glass fluttering and metal crinkling
I want the endless motion to stop
I want to crash into my future self

I want to ask her is she happy
How it feels to be at the wheel
Or is it the sound of the radio

Yes it’s blocking me
Turning my questions into mantras
My accusations into convictions

I’m dormant in a body
I’m the obstinate backseat driver
Chauffeur where are we going next
Are you going to drive me off that ledge

It’s the perfect timing
I’m weak and crying and I see no light
At the end of that proverbial tunnel
What a hell of a journey lost in this labyrinth

Tell me did paradise ever look so sweet
I’ll stop hiding when you turn off the headlights
I’ll keep driving till the slippery road sends me
Right back to the start

My car is full of memories
I dream about the crash
But each time I round that curb
I see nothing but life