We are who we are
Even when we wish to be different
We lead inescapable lives
Trapped in more ways then one

We look as identical as soldiers
The funny thing is
We’re supposed to be different

I run so fast trying not to walk in your shoes
I swear I’m different maybe even kinder
I demand to be put on the sidelines

So I can breathe a little
So I can fall apart
So I can develop a fleshy heart

I’m smothered in expectations
I count this as living in your shadow
We’re always missing each other

I can tell you want the best for me
I can tell I disappoint you at every turn
Like misfire I’m the accidental bullet

Shredding through the air
It almost sounds like music
I almost land without a scratch

But your words are lethal
And I’m exposed as vulnerable as a baby
I wish you could understand this

But then again we are who we are
Cold eyes and emotionless
We are born to be a war machine

Here we are in our homes
No solace in our sleep
This our only fault: in loving we loved in measures