Awkward but funny
Odd but sweet
Deranged on the fringes of life’s silver linings

Kind but prey to the worldly
A wry smile and a bleak future unfolding
A neurotic anti-psychotic makes my soul glitch

Crippling anxiety (no more fondly) the anxiety
Inaugurated insomnia (yes more , more)
Fickle forensics

Take care (of who of what) the dying,dying dead
The body
Warning signs and cursed lines

But I’m the victim (you’re a shark)
I’m living proof of the danger arc
Pristine arbitrary memory

A lesser evil is still an evil within itself
Compromise I’m still good I’m still great
I’m the inner workings of Atlas in his wake

Cruel usurper I am(was) the pleasantries
Loved in the beginning
But every bubble has its pop

Crossing oceans leading revolts
A holy host of an imperial addiction
Conspire universe against me