I had love , and like all the great things it crumbled away ,became the ruins of night.
I wished to be like the stars , they were beautiful with no souls no feeling
They existed for amusement

I don’t dare keep the memories
They are like the women who occupy the passenger seat
Beautiful just like stars, just like solace
But they never last their world is beyond my vision

You are an impossible reality
An anomaly a celestial catalyst
I write about you in my journal
About how your hair was golden honeycomb

About your bad temper
How you liked to collect bugs
Yellow ladybirds were your favourite

I latched onto you
It’s like the rain soft at first
My fibres , my being started to intertwine with yours

Should I forget how do you ?
How do you see heaven and forget god’s face?
You’re an enigma unfazed by the gravity of love