You’re the genealogy
of both love and hatred
A war and peace
And I love you

I love how it troubles me to understand you
Like the death of a soldier
You fought for the freedom you’ll never have

Because our bodies will never intertwine
Our worlds will never meet
The grief of such things are uncharted

Your mind is a maze or better yet a trench
Either way there’s a complex nature of galaxies
You become astronomical when life is fleeting

I don’t know how to write in Morse code like you do
I don’t know how to keep the secrets of your heart locked away when tortured

But I know the freedom of screaming your name like a battle cry
I know there are things worthy of dying for

Like when you whisper my name
Soft and gentle like a song
At war with itself
First certain of the liberation then of the price
Because there’s a price we pay for these things