You’re a believer with a god complex
Your favourite thing to do is go out people watching
You love to grit your teeth when you have bad news
You step on toes as soon as you enter the room
You have an insatiable curiosity
You smell like clementines at sea
You think the stars align for you and you alone
Your friends want to be you
The world wants to know you
And I can’t help wanting to have you
You’re like a never ending summer
I still want to see you lose yourself in laughter
Or dance like nobody’s watching
Or sing it’ll be off key it’ll be messy
but it’ll be good
Sometimes I see us a little older
Two worlds apart
While the world is slow dancing
And I say something full of adult anagrams
Like your name just a little different
Instead of it sounding like an eternal stream
It sounds like forgotten memories
Instead of my eyes lighting up
like the magic of Christmas
They’re glazed over with the little hurts that accumulate over years
So why don’t you just leave why don’t you just go
And take your
Great and eternal love stories
Your strange peanut butter eating habits
Your eternal sunshine in my spotless mind
And go but before you do could I have my heart
Could I have my life my astronomical philosophy that I don’t need you to survive