A hundred years of pity
It’s the end of all feeling
You’re seeing illusions of angels and demons
Every time you leave the mirror

You see the tiger walk the city at night
She lines the woman’s back that you mark with love in the back of a motel
Where you swore you saw God
Or was it you swore you were god

I remember how the you hungered
Sun drops falling from your eyes
The way they stung

Give yourself to everyone
So you’re never alone
Hungry human god

I carry your kisses
Like scars after crucifixion
But you are and you’re not a melody
A humming I’d pay a 100 years to hear

How many times must I fold my eyes with tears
But we’re just children who want children
Asking ourselves if we’ll ever see snow

I scream the chorus of your life
Again and again and again
A hundred times over

But you don’t bleed you’re a Big god
You don’t lie unless you’re dying
Dying once again in heaven in hell in a motel