You’re a lover you’re a leaver
Bless the sun when the floor falls beneath us
Light my love like a moth to the flame
It comes down like rain
It burns up like pyrotechnics
Illuminating the sky like the Fourth of July
My metamorphosis comes with time
Another Earth another life
Kiss the sun or at least the third rock from it
You see you’re like an open bracket like this:
( And I don’t know where you end or begin
But you’re so infinite you feel like what I imagine heaven tastes like and the existential
crimes of gaia making you is your silver stars on the flag you march with to freedom is it so you were there when great genius was birthed when the first chord was struck and I can hear it still…you’re beyond me you’re above me you’re alive inside be ricocheting and reverberating like the atoms I am can I even exist with out you?) No you see I cannot outside of your brackets I’m just a cosmic whisper to the universe