Lilac heaven
A bed of wildflowers set on fire
They chant Memento mori
As I wake
I couldn’t escape the silver spoon shoved down my throat
Visions from a crystal ball
Say I’ll burn forever never fading never ending
The sweet grapes on the vine
Remind me of how I write you a letter
And how you say you love me like God loves Adam
I cherry pick my days
Because I don’t have to be perfect just good
The magic that floods through my veins
Are the worlds that slip from my lips
And it’s like birth breathing for the first time
I shriek my lungs on fire I breathe it in
All the sorrows of life
My mantra is the same
“I’m a forest fire wild like the colour blue
I’m living on sheer will power so I can see right through you
And I like the other, was born to burn”
There’s a garden on the wall
Made of all my childhood memories
Mother Nature says it’s made for me