It’s your sweet freckles
I love them like God loves Adam
And for once apples are oranges
And cherry blossoms bloom on sycamore trees
Yes love beyond anatomy
Where bodies are casings and souls are true form
Because the storm is in me and the forest fires are in you
Sweet wildflowers bloom within our wake
Your finger prints like a diptych in my body
You are what makes me woman
As you grow little bird
Bird birdy my sweet songbird
I say as I will myself not to run into the crossroad
I see you everywhere on the faces of children
My ghost child
I feel hollow almost empty my sweet daughter
How you love me and how I loathe me
Accidents happen all the time
I say as I’m screaming underwater
But I love you you’re my daughter
Sweet and perfect now underwater
Slipped through my fingers
As I was sleeping
Go quietly as I sleep
And heaven has a perfect songbird
And I am without a bird in my nest