And as I walk blindly I remember love always wins
I should have approached you with honesty
Instead I was in a depth of my own lightheartedness

I was being strong in my own softness
Confident in my own humility
I’m a pendulum swinging back and forth
Changing my mind as I go

I remember the way you picked apart oranges
You peeled the orange and pluck out the seeds
And remove the skin before you put it to your mouth

I feel like you’ve been plucking oranges all your life
With and without people by your side
I feel you’ve been plucking people all your life
With and without oranges by your side

I always feel I have to talk to keep away silence
I always feel I have to touch to keep away the violence

It’s like how I drink cold milk with honey in summer strange but comforting to lull me to sleep
It’s like the oranges and people you pick at with your fingers

There’s a comfort in our discomfort
A meaning in every silence
A subtext in touch that says
“Yes I know this, everything is changing once more .”