I roam the streets with my bottle of giggles

Roses in the air of night

I’m desperately searching for love again

Seven years in counting

Artists bore me

And singers make me sad

I need something to believe in

The rain comes softly

And I let it water the garden of my crown

I kiss the moon good night hoping

There in the middle of it all

The sun won’t find out

The night is for the sacred and secret

When did the hollows swallow me alive

I’m spinning dreadfully in the universe

And my car is somewhere on Mars

I use to cry at the thought of dying

The most romantic parting of our time

In the morning I’ll wish for the sun or a saviour

In the evening another bottle of roses and giggles

I’m wishing for chaos theory to hold me

But here you are flying in like an archer

Destined to give me a fatal kiss

Thanking the fate of all the forces

That sent me tumbling through this city