I caught you writing in my journal

You told me it reminded you of home

Where everyone wrote letters

Instead of making calls

I remember you telling me that

They kept your drawings on the wall

The first time you camped with me

I saw Orion’s Belt and felt serenity

The poison ivy didn’t hurt as much

When you circled it with your touch

I love the finger paintings we made

In the garden where we laid

Dreaming of splashing in the watermarks

Of our words in the brilliant lights

In the unfiltered and uncovered darks

But fires burnt down our home

And house for house we had nowhere to go

The stars turned to shadows of what was

And the years nearly turned us to dust

We cry and we weep till we fall asleep

The man said we sow what we reap

Timing was right when we turned on the lights

And men made of man laid out his hand

So swift was the tide when the boat capsized

Crawling back from the shore

I felt my heart beat and rage for more

There you are my saint with the beauty of Venus

Holy beloved with eyes dancing in love